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Welcome to the 963hybrid

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I am the official creator of the 963hybrid;which is an organic lifestyle that is in-line with attempting to live to 99.90+!

Are you a 963hybrid too?

Do you believe that there is only one God that created everything by creating themselves and everything both good and evil?

Please bookmark this site now and return with peace and love.

Knowledge is Power; Power is Knowledge!

Positive Knowledge and Positive Power are Positive Action;

Positive Action is Positive Knowledge and Positive Power!

If this site is ever taken down by demons who violate the constitution, it will grow and relocate!

About the 963hybrid

Becoming a 963hybrid seems impossible

If you are strong and powerful enough to strengthen your mind in ways that you may never have before, then you can achieve becoming a 963hybrid.
Hybrids only consume the following:

  • 96.66-99.90% Organic Vegan - Organic plant-based diet (i.e. plants; shrubs; & trees).

    0.999-3.33% Organic Vegetarian - Organic Dairy byproducts with no meat.

    0.011% Margin of Error - You accidentally consume something (i.e. gluten; meat; sugar; soy; etc.).

is now.
evolution is natural.
evolution can accelerate.
evolution equals awareness.
equals knowledge & intelligence.

Take a look at our organic 963hybrid lifestyle and diet

Organic Environment

As a 963hybrid I agree to live in an environment that is free of harmful and DNA damaging items. I agree to not destroy our surrounding sacred 963hybrid environment.

Organic Food

As a 963hybrid I agree to live in an environment that is free of harmful and DNA damaging chemical ingredients that may be added to the food both at the farm and production facility level.

Organic Filtered Well Water

As a 963hybrid I agree to consume only extremely well filtered organic water extracted from a safe distance under ground that  does not contain any damaging chemical additives.

Organic Chemicals

As a 963hybrid I agree to live in an environment that does not include any chemical ingredients or production chemicals of any kind; including topical products like soaps and lotions.

Our Hybrid Details

963hybrids consume approximately (daily):

3.33 - 6.66 servings of organic raw whole Fruits;
3.33 - 6.66 servings of organic raw whole Vegetables; &
0.99 - 3.33 servings of organic raw whole Nuts.

Exception: 963hybrids have to lightly steam-cook  Cruciferous Vegetables to simply avoid 6.66% negativity (dysfunction) in the Thyroid.

Cruciferous Vegetables to steam-cook:

common name genus specific epithet Cultivar group
Horseradish Armoracia rusticana
Land cress Barbarea verna
Ethiopian mustard Brassica carinata
Kale Brassica oleracea Acephala group
Collard greens Brassica oleracea Acephala group
Chinese broccoli (gai-lan / jie lan) Brassica oleracea Alboglabra group
Cabbage Brassica oleracea Capitata group
Savoy cabbage Brassica oleracea Savoy Cabbage group
Brussels sprouts Brassica oleracea Gemmifera group
Kohlrabi Brassica oleracea Gongylodes group
Broccoli Brassica oleracea Italica group
Broccoflower Brassica oleracea Italica group × Botrytis group
Broccoli romanesco Brassica oleracea Botrytis group / Italica group
Cauliflower Brassica oleracea Botrytis group
Wild broccoli Brassica oleracea Oleracea group
Bok choy Brassica rapa chinensis
Komatsuna Brassica rapa pervidis or komatsuna
Mizuna Brassica rapa nipposinica
Rapini (broccoli rabe) Brassica rapa parachinensis
Choy sum (Flowering cabbage) Brassica rapa parachinensis
Chinese cabbage, napa cabbage Brassica rapa pekinensis
Turnip root; greens Brassica rapa rapifera
Rutabaga (swede) Brassica napus napobrassica
Siberian kale Brassica napus pabularia
Canola/rapeseed Brassica rapa/napus oleifera
Wrapped heart mustard cabbage Brassica juncea rugosa
Mustard seeds, brown; greens Brassica juncea
White mustard seeds Brassica (or Sinapis) hirta
Black mustard seeds Brassica nigra
Tatsoi Brassica rosularis
Wild arugula Diplotaxis tenuifolia
Arugula (rocket) Eruca vesicaria
Field pepperweed Lepidium campestre
Maca Lepidium meyenii
Garden cress Lepidium sativum
Watercress Nasturtium officinale
Radish Raphanus sativus
Daikon Raphanus sativus longipinnatus
Wasabi Wasabia japonica

Exception: 963hybrids have to lightly steam-cook or roast only some Nuts.

Common Nuts to roast: Coming Soon...

Electricity Equals Radiation

963hybrids remain 99.90+ meters away from the following units that are connected to a power source:

       WiFi (no limits: computers (How to make a computer very slightly safer to use for very short durations?); audio devices; TV; printer; router; modem; cellular; cable boxes; satellite boxes; DSL boxes; toys; vehicles; stores; buildings; houses; medical devices; along roadways; security systems; security cameras; baby monitors; watches; etc).

       Cellular: Phone; Internet; medical devices; along roadways; etc.

       Cordless Phones



963hybrids do NOT live closer than 0.99 - 1.66 plus miles from radio/cell/data towers/antennas.

Radiation Meters

963hybrids use radiation meters with the power (knowledge) of the one God guide them.

Most Affordable Kit:

(1.) Cornet 88Tplus (manufacture)(search1)(search2)(search3)(search4) - (both wireless & non-wireless frequencies)

Economical Professional Kit:

(1.) Latnex HF-B8G Professional (search)(search) - (wireless only frequencies)

(2.) Latnex MG-2000TD Triple Axis Professional (search)(search) - (non-wireless only frequencies)

RFID Radiation

963hybrids do NOT remain closer than 66.6 feet from RFID Scanners & 33.3 feet from RFID spy chips that grow cancer in the area they remain (i.e. wallet near your organs). Readers are hidden everywhere including: interstates; some grocery stores; & quiet stealthy drones hovering above!!!!!!

Vehicle Radiation

963hybrids do NOT remain closer than 66.6 feet from Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) greater than extremely low; such as: the passenger seat of a automobile that has a powerful electronic device behind the glove box where your knees & some organs remain too close. Also, the airbag sensor wires are massively over the safe limits in many, if not all, vehicles embedded just below the surface of both the driver & passenger seats (vehicles that have airbags). EMF detectors are useful, but remember that extremely low levels of EMFs are still damaging as they are emitting low-dose radiation for your DNA & organs.

Unfortunately, gasoline powered engines also release unsafe quantities of electrical radiation; of which also found in wired electricity (such as: hair dryers and large machines). As soon as one turns the key, illuminating the spark that ignites the engine, the gasoline begins to burn and combustion within the engine and one must realize this power force is safe at a distance. However, normally not within 6.66 feet; which means the engine is too close to the human in most cases (i.e. driver seat of vehicles; especially motorcycles).

The Suns Effect

963hybrids allocate more awake daylight time toward reality; versus virtual reality time on a computer.

963hybrids do NOT remain hidden in the darkness and come out into the direct sunlight for at least 33.33 to 99.99 minutes daily.

The Mitochondria DNA Effect

963hybrids do NOT consume organic sugar, because it can significantly damage the mitochondria (DNA) and feeds cancer cells.

963hybrids do consume significant amounts of antioxidants (i.e. blackberries) to combat some of the significant damage done to the mitochondria (DNA) by accidentally consuming organic sugar or any other toxins.

The Antioxidant Effect

Antioxidant: Allicin


Antioxidant: Betacarotene


Antioxidant: Capsanthin


Antioxidant: Cathechin

Green Tea

Antioxidant: Curcumin

Turmeric Root
(Yellow/Asian Ginger)

Antioxidant: Glutathione


Antioxidant: Hesperidin


Antioxidant: Licopene


Antioxidant: Quercetin


Antioxidant: Resveratrol

Black Grapes

Antioxidant: Tocopherols


The Animal Protein & Radiation Effect

963hybrids do NOT consume organic cheese more than 0.999-3.33% of the time to avoid damage to the body (living organism); which will likely appear as red--burning--blisters on the hands (or many locations on the body) & understand that the increase of Animal proteins (i.e. milk; cheese) & radiation (i.e. electricity) both activate eczema; chemicals in the environment & food; radiation dermatitis all accelerate & increase the chance of the eczema; metabolic diseases; auto immune diseases; & rapid aging from occurring.

The Estrogen Mimicker: Soy Effect

963hybrids do NOT consume organic soy; especially men as it is know to shift cells from non-cancerous to cancerous.

963hybrids complete a 0.999 - 3.33 day, pure chemical free clean water only, fast about once per year to rebuild stem cells.

The Herbs & Plant-based Medicine Effect

963hybrids enjoy the following herbal powders: Turmeric(alternative) + Curcumin Turmeric extract(alternative) + Coenzyme_Q10 + Goldenseal + Cinnamon(alternative) + Ginger + Ginger Extract + Parsley(plant-based Pyrroloquinoline Quinone - PQQ) + Alfalfa + HEMP SEEDS(HEMP SEED OIL) + HEMP CBD EXTRACT OIL (alternative)(POWDER)(SEARCH) + Beet(alternative) + Jiaogulan(Cissus Quadrangularis) + Sage(alternative) + Black Pepper. Plants and herbs high in PQQ (mirror)(search for PQQ in books)(search for curcumin in books).

Some 963hybrids occasionally enjoy some Sytentetic PQQ (alternative); however due to the synthetic potency, do not consume more than 19.99 to 33.3 mg within one day. Other herbs may interest 963hybrids as well: Cacao; Basil.  Or if one needs amazingly safe soap: Amazing Handmade Soap(gift cards).  Also Watercress occasionally to reverse the DNA aging process as best as one can. Also, some enjoy Enchinacea extract (Purple Cone Flower) for both viral & bacterial infections!!! !!! Prunella vulgaris (heal-all) and Portulaca oleracea (common purslane) are also some favorites.

963hybrids love Organic Coconut Oil for both topical and oral consumption (plant-based medicine) and replace it with the use of Organic Canola Oil. 963hybrid believe that only very small amounts of Organic Canola Oil are safe for oral consumption and avoid Organic Canola Oil as much as possible.

The "Herbal Goldust" Effect

963hybridis perhaps may enjoy researching "Herbal Goldust v. 2018.09.11". The Advanced formula feels like an anti-aging effect. One perhaps could write an entire book on the benefits. It seems to stabilize (correct) abnormal (high) blood pressure; however there are no known 963hybrids that actually have abnormally high blood pressure. However, 963hybrids will not likely notice any blood pressure stabilization as they naturally consume a very nutritious diet & lifestyle. some 963hybrids (when consuming herbal goldust; especially Advanced Herbal Goldust) may appear & feel younger with less fatigue & less neurological pain.

Some 963hybrids feel lighter (when consuming herbal goldust; especially Advanced Herbal Goldust); in terms of less gravitation pull on the body. This is thought to be related to maintaining a naturally normal weight and the central nervous system, muscles, & nerves, thorough out the entire body, seem to move more efficiently. Perhaps this is interpreted as a lighter feeling with a clearer mind.

Some 963hybrids (when consuming herbal goldust; especially Advanced Herbal Goldust), feel that the formula (overall) takes about three days to feel the full effects; when taken three times per day & additional three days for the effects to revert back. After six days, some 963hybrids significantly prefer the Advanced Herbal Goldust for the long-term. when they take breaks away from the formula, they often feel less-favorable within three, six, & nine days.

The Plant-based Effect

963hybrids love some plants; herbs trees; & shrubs. however if one changes one's entire lifestyle to a low sugars (there are six or more common types of sugars; honey is bad because it is very high in fructose levels) plant-based diet with very little to no animal proteins & gluten, then, one is likely to not need the 100% exact same modern drug treatment plan. It can be very difficult to change one's lifestyle. The mind controls the body & the spirit communicates with one via the mind. If one gains positive control (positive awareness) of one's mind, then it may be easier after one is used to the new lifestyle.

The Sugars Effect

963hybrids love Fruits & Vegetables that are lower in Fructose; Glucose; Sucrose; Galactose; Lactose; & Maltose   and significantly limit all types of sugars as it ferments inside of the body; causing unwanted health disorders (i.e. cancer)! Dr. Otto Warburg, M.D. was one of the more intelligent minds that knew of this complex issue. However, 963hybrids only consume all fruits as the first meal of the day to avoid accidental fermentation of the fruit.
963hybrids understand the six most common types of sugar and note the sugars chart below.

Total sugars Glucose Galactose Fructose Sucrose  Lactose Maltose Tot. met. fructose
Fresh Fruit                
Grapes 18.1 6.5 0.4 7.6     0.1 7.6
Banana 15.6 4.2   2.7 6.5     6
Mango 14.8 0.7   2.9 9.9     7.9
Cherries, sweet 14.6 8.1   6.2 0.2   1.3 6.3
Apples 13.3 2.3   7.6 3.3     9.3
Pineapple 11.9 2.9   2.1 3.1     3.7
Purple Passion Fruit or Granadilla 11.2 4   3.1 3.3     4.8
Kiwi fruit 10.5 5   4.3 1.1     4.9
Pear 10.5 1.9   6.4 1.8     7.3
Pear, Bosc 10.5 1.9   6.4 1.8     7.3
Pear, D'Anjou 10.5 1.9   6.4 1.8     7.3
Pomegranate 10.1 5   4.7 0.4     4.9
Raspberries 9.5 3.5   3.2 2.8   1 4.6
Apricots 9.3 1.6   0.7 5.2   3.1 3.3
Orange 9.2 2.2   2.5 4.2     4.6
Watermelon 9 1.6   3.3 3.6     5.1
Cantaloupe 8.7 1.2   1.8 5.4     4.5
Peach 8.7 1.2   1.3 5.6     4.1
Nectarine 8.5 1.2     6.2     3.1
Jackfruit 8.4 1.4   1.4 5.4     4.1
Honeydew melon