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how to consume herbs

How to consume herbs:

WARNING: One is required to work very closely with multiple holistic & non-holistic medical professionals and nutritionists to ensure that one does not accidentally make an error; such as taking a prescription that does the same thing as an herb (to prevent over dosing).

Example: If the clinical study or suggested DAILY dose is 1250mg, then one should NOT consume the entire "daily" dose within the same 3.96 hour window to prevent accidentally going over the "daily" dose within the half-life window of 3.96 hours. If one consumes the entire daily dose within the same 3.96 hour window, then one will be accidentally exceeding the proper dosage (over dosing).

Half-Life: 3.96 hours.

Example Half-Life Instructions: 1250mg per day divided by 3.96 times per day
(1250mg/3.96 hours) = only 315.66mg every 3.96 hours per day and no more than 3.96 times per day.
Think of it as a "slow-release" of the suggested "daily" dose.

Example DEADLY WARNING: Some herbs or supplements are deadly at 1250mg per day (such as PQQ). The 1250mg is only an example; however the 1250mg per day in this example is not intended for all supplements (such as PQQ). PQQ is so potent that only 6 mg per day is often suggested (6mg slowly throughout 12 hours of the day)(PQQ 6mg/4 times per day = only 1.52mg every 3.96 hours). So one may think they can just take an unknown amount or 1250mg of each; however that is not true. So please remember to work very closely with multiple medical professionals and provide a list of all of the herbs and supplements that one has questions about to avoid accidental death from over dosing. In fact, ask one's doctor about over dosing on "fast food", "industrial processed foods", and "junk food" chemicals also.

Fore the 1250mg per day example, if one does not take 315.66mg every 3.96 hours, 3.96 times per day then the herbs will be wasted or even considered excessive during the 3.96 hour half-life window. The 3.96 hour window is estimated on how long it takes for the adult body to metabolize the herbs out of the body.

Half-Life Cycle Chart

(4 times per day based off of 12 hours awake & 12 hours asleep)

Caution: 9 hours of sleep is NOT enough sleep according to some research directors of immunology & risks of diseases increase!

Times per Day


On hour 12 (at bedtime) the last dose is consumed and the half-life cycle is estimated to be metabolized by hour 17 (during sleep). Most normal people do not consume herbs in the middle of the sleeping cycle and as one can see by the chart it is really not necessary to take herbs 5 times per day instead of 4 times per day. The chart above displays taking the herbs 4 times per day.



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