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How to make a computer safer to use...

Example Machine: Lenovo ThinkPad T410

Step One: Power the computer off, unplug it from the electrical outlet, & remove the battery. Open the case carefully and locate all wireless hardware devices that are removable (wifi card). If Bluetooth or any smart card readers or any other wireless devices are installed remove it if possible (many machines do not have Bluetooth). If there are any cellular modems or any other wireless radio frequency antennas installed, remove them as well as they are wireless. Click here to search for example videos on how to remove the internal hardware.

Step Two: Remove all wireless routers and buy 3 long Ethernet cords of different lengths (for different rooms). Replace the hardware with non-wireless capable hardware. Connect the Ethernet cords to the modem or switch or wired router that does not have any wireless capabilities at all; including a modem that has no wireless hardware install).

Step Three: Remove all wireless devices TV, Printer, Scanner, baby monitors, security cameras or any other wireless device and replace the hardware with non-wireless capable hardware.

Step Four: Buy a Cornet 88Tplus (manufacture)(search1)(search2)(search3)(search4) electrical radiation meter and remain at the distance where the meter is green and not yellow or red. Do not skip this step.

Step Five: Connect a wireless USB keyboard & mouse combo (keep the USB section 3.33 feet away from all body parts; as well as the laptop). Issue: wired USB keyboards & wired USB mice are also NOT SAFE and over the electrical limit. So perhaps one may be able to find a wireless USB keyboard and mouse that does not emit frequencies that are in a yellow or red category.

Electrical Side Effects: Wired Keyboards & wired USB mice will grow tumors; cause significant pain; & damage to the human body.

Step Six: Buy additional batteries to swap out during busy times and never connect the machine to the electrical outlet while using it. Battery mode with not electrical outlet connection is has significantly less symptoms notices as well as the meter reading improves significantly to confirm the strong positive correlation between the two. Check what happens to the electrical meter if one does not believe me. Also, my tumor does not have a massive pain when it's unplugged and running on battery mode from about 4 to 6 feet away. Yes it's hard to see the monitor at this distance, so place the USB keyboard and mouse in fron of the machine and keep the keyboard and mouse 3 to 4 feet away from one's knees and organs. Try to not keep one's hands on the mouse unless one is using it and the safe for the keyboard. They are not your friend and not safe to touch (limit the contact). The long-term overexposure issue is worse than one can ever fully imagine in complexity and unfairness.

(Updated: 2019-03-09)(Published: 2019-02-14)

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