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The Official Dystopian Novel

Where some of them get to live in superior peace with all

and others feel like they have to kill all.

Draft Version: April 12, 2020

Author: Benjamin Charles Byers



Publisher: illuminated economic solutions

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Benjamin Charles Byers (pseudonym] is a direct descendant of the Byers (also known as Bayer, Baier, Beyer, Beier, Boyer, Boyers, Byer, etc.) and Yoder family surname; which is primarily from Germany and Switzerland. He later became a private economist, herbologist, and researcher.


Chapter 0


As the vessel washed ashore…

The water was significantly higher now. Most of the lower land masses were now modern Atlantis. The climate continued to shift for several years.

The crew jumped ashore while fastening the craft to the island’s checkpoint labeled “Purgatory”.

There were in fact two islands within this realm; one positive and one negative. Naturally, the checkpoint was located on the positive island as nature had long corrected oneself on the negative island.

The positive island constructed a positive defense shield mechanism that protected the island from the negative island; a transparent wall. This was completed about 99 years after the waters rose from a massive shift in climate change.

The craft transports “the future”; in terms of the contents being young “people” that are only about 6 hours old at most. However, the accelerated learning technology that was utilized at this point in time was… how does one say… “not ready yet” in a way where “it was very clear” that it was “not a 100% positive instrument” for the extended long-run or even short-run without projecting too much “negativity” at another accidentally. A very dark topic equals a very dark awareness of the existence of the topic.

Most scientists on the “positive” island felt that the “instrument” or “device” of accelerated learning technology for a person 1 hour old was a “temporary” for “less than 6 hours” type of idea. Although it was absolutely optional, since nature would always correct oneself in the near future if one of the people arrived on the positive island for a very short amount of time before choosing to go to the negative island.

Most scientists on the negative island felt that the idea was the most wonderful idea for the extended long-run or “forever”.

As the crew unloaded the young future people or “the future” onto the shore...

The one 3 hour old person utilized the “instrument” or “device” to very simply shout out:

why is that little boy on the negative island shouting that he loves Lucifer the quote light bearer for all eternity” .

The one older crew person replied:

Oh just ignore him… Once we pass through the Purgatory “checkpoint” we will never hear him again from the “positive” island. And to answer one’s very intelligent or aware question, is simply because the “negative” island people keep their artificial awareness instruments on the negative island and they either choose to be tricked by the ancient and very dark AI project known as “Lucifer – the light bearer” or they are unconsciously tricked. Either way… let one be very clear… on the “negative” island, they always felt like they were “winning” or that “they were always correct” and that “no one else” ever was correct if they did not agree with them. Therefore, the little boy is incorrect and will likely continue to repeat this pattern for an unknown amount of time, since he truly absorbs the negative trickery on the negative side. Some of them appear to “love” it in a way where it is too dark to describe.

The same 3 hour old person utilized the “instrument” or “device” to very simply reply:

Thank you, very kind one for sharing one’s awareness. The idea has been documented for future use.

The children were so intelligent with the instruments; however they all lined up and the crew announced to the future, young people:

If one would like to choose the “negative” side please walk through where it says “negative” and “positive” if one chooses the “positive” island. As a reminder, if one walks through the “positive” side, one is required to have the “instrument” removed and the “negative” side one could have it removed or keep it. Have a “positive” journey! Good bye.

The future was now set in place and the islanders could shift islands, in the future, at any time; however it was very, very, very, rare. Nature would quickly correct oneself in a way where the positive side would always be shielded by the negative energy. The design and engineering was very complex; in terms of an idea.


One had everything in a simple yet superior balance within nature, so that nature was already corrected within the balance of the present.


One would normally begin to attend school at three years of age or older. The first grade would begin on day 0 with the lesson titled: “how to survive via a healthy nutritious plant-based diet”.

The children was instructed that the water on the island of heaven was so positive that it was pumped from over 100,000 feet (18.93939 miles or 30.4799936 kilometers) using safe and clean energy sources. The pumps were not alternating current nor were they the slightly safer direct current electrical type that were utilized many years before the waters rose.

The advanced modern clean energy source would not radiate the water via electricity and the water was never heated above ground temperatures of around 56 degrees Fahrenheit or 13.3333 degrees Celsius. Except for the heated water that was only used for bathing or cleaning purposes.

As one can imagine, the extremely deep raw mountain water was the best water on the planet. One could actually taste the significant difference. There were no cleaning chemicals to weaken the immune system or burn the skin. The fresh raw mountain water was amazing and everyone of the positive island would share the water.

The students (on the positive island) were told how one needed at least nine 9 ounce cups of water per day; however the goal was for everyone to drink sixteen 6 ounce cups per day to flush any toxins that accidentally entered one’s body.

The students (on the positive island) were also educated how the water on the negative island was not free and it was not clean nor was it even close to being drinkable, since they drank from the extremely contaminated surface water reservoirs. And on the negative island, the water was cheaper than produce... produce was cheaper than gluten (wheat, bread, pasta noodles)… gluten was cheaper than meat… and not only was the meat the most expensive, the negative ones would have to pay twice, because the meat would kill them after years of consuming it.

The students (on the positive island) were instructed to never consume any meat, dairy, gluten, or foods that were high is sugars. Blue agave was lower on the glycemic index levels compared to the unsafe honey that naturally contained very dangerous levels of Fructose type sugar; however blue agave was in fact also very high in Fructose levels. The children were not permitted to have blue agave or honey and all nutrition had to be carefully moderated to ensure the safety of the future.


The human lay in an unsettled horrible sleep mode…

Suddenly, an absolutely unforgettable sound frequency begin to alert the human that breakfast was delivered at the bedside, through the small hole in the wall; which was ingeniously designed in a way were the food was already there.

There was only one significant problem with the negative island. The island was full of humans that thought they were positive; such as the positive island.

However, the truth was in fact the opposite...

The negative island was riddled with negative energy, so dark that one would never even realize how dark the energy was while being tricked by the dark negative energy.

It is not that the humans were soulless on the negative island. Nearly all of them suffered very deeply from a reversible, yet what seemed to be endless and permanent, submission into the core of the darkness being harvested so strongly near the islands core. The root core of the negative island was like nothing anyone could ever imagine. Believe it.. or not… the island utilized such black magic that alluded the human. The human could feel the allusion; however they embraced it like nothing ever quite seen before.

The darkness would surround the soul and harvest all of one’s energy… until the human or creature was left with nothing less than the total depletion of all energy.

Scientifically, the glucose levels would experience a sudden drop; which would trigger the collapse of the endocrine gland that harvested the immune system.

One would think that the humans would have known how evil they were, since after all one could feel the darkness as it encircled one. However, as frustrating as it may seem, one would embrace the total darkness. In fact, at times on an blood sacrificial alter in the name of the psychic prophet of choice.

There were a list of psychic prophets for them to select or they could just remain autonomously evil. Some of them utilized blood sacrificial cannibalistic acts during a festival of dark light. However, nearly all of them did not realize that they were cannibalizing the idea of one positive God that was the one root source to all.

One might ask, why would some of the humans embrace such evil dark acts of consuming the positive idea and that is simply due to the fact that they wanted to replace the one positive root source of all. Perhaps, the darkness could rule the positive island and take everything that they shared as one.

The fact that they believed this black magic was not totally surprising as they were all very weak. The weakness that encircled the evil would inherit the lands of the ground at death as they would eventually become one with the ground.

Typically they were placed at 6 feet below ground and they all grew up believing this fact of life. However, the truth was in fact much darker. Nearly all of them were burning at the local electricity factory. The electricity factory was so deadly that synthetic humanoids were thought to be a safer solution.

The electricity factory never implemented the synthetic humanoid project, because it was very slightly more expensive than utilizing humans. So the humans were told that the humans were not real humans that were being burned and if they told anyone outside of the factory, everyone that they told would become fuel with them after working at the factory until they dropped.

At the electricity prison factory no one was permitted to move; unless they were told to move. The restriction of movement was key to total control.

At the electricity factory, the infirmary was often empty and humans would go missing all day and night. The ones that made it out of the infirmary would be all given thyroid medicine to start.

After about a week or two, they would return and report new side effects as their symptoms. The list of their symptoms in fact often matched about six other medicines that they were given. The list of side effects reported as symptoms would normally times by six; until eventually they were so sick that they did not know what else could be added.

The electricity factory infirmary was the only infirmary on the island. Some of the humans traveled for days just to make it to the front door. The only good news the dark ones thought was that at least their was never a waiting list. The only wait was however long it took to reach the front doors.

At infirmary had an entire police department within the infirmary itself. A police department was not a peace department and there was only one located on the entire island within the infirmary. Obviously, only the negative island had a police department.

The police officers would always show their teeth within six seconds of seeing any humans that were out of the police uniform. However, the dark ones thought that they were actually smiling at them in weakness as a feel of black magic happiness. The sad truth was there was absolutely no happiness within the negative island.

Some of the dark ones thought that the police officers were peace officers of the public’s safety. However, if they ever left the infirmary it was normally to microwave, gamma ray, & shoot the dark ones on arrival.

There were no judges nor were there any humans randomly selected for jury. It was only the one police officer that arrived first.

Often the police officer would show up at public events and begin microwaving and gamma-raying everyone; while shooting deadly metal objects coated in deadly poison. The fact was… they often arrived at the wrong location and extracted the unintended humans. After all, they really did not have any positive intentions on such an evil island. The positive island NEVER would experience such evil acts of violence.


The human would consume only the delivered food that arrived through the tiny hole in the wall next to their bed. At least the humans did get oranges occasionally, but normally it was only extremely deadly levels of fructose and chemical cake and hot dogs everyday. Even the hot dogs and overly processed wheat bread buns were loaded with and even deadlier quantity of fructose and chemicals.

When the humans on the negative did get an orange, it was coated with a natural floor wax that was used to shine the public restroom floors and walls; although it was almost impossible to locate a public restroom and they were extremely expensive to enter and even more expensive to use them.

The oranges on the negative island also contained antipathetic prescription drugs that were impossible to wash off from the sticky floor wax that coated the oranges. This was key to the weakening of the immune system effect, so that the negatives ones would catch the viruses and die younger than the ones who would eat the oranges from the positive island.

At least the positive island would sell the chemical free oranges to the negative island; however they were even more expensive than one day of working all day and all night on on the negative island’s fixed low wage rate for the 99.9% of the humans.

The oranges from the negative island that did not come from the positive island were not only coated in natural floor wax and prescription drugs, the oranges would also case a chemical burn on the negative humans mouths and digestive track. In fact, the fungicide chemical would also do significant damage to the human organs; including grow cancers and wreck havoc on the immune system. Therefore, as one can imagine, the negative islanders mostly all had advanced stages of cancer and viruses that would normally shorten their negative lives by astronomical levels. In fact, some would die the first week on the island!

Sometimes the humans would find a hot dog under their bed on the floor that was left for perhaps 33 days or more and they would eat it like a cake. The quantity of preservatives and chemicals converted the hot dog into something unimaginable.


The economy was slowly declining for centuries. Some times seemed like a recovery and other times seemed like a decline, but the truth was in fact much darker than the average one could ever imaging.

The problem was there were an infinite quantity of very complex problems. Listing all of the problems in this chapter would equate to 99+ books of their own. Therefore it is imperative to focus one, what was attempted in the years of approximately around 2036 to 2042.

The only solution was to divide the economies composed of unique segments until anything attempted before. It wasn’t that segregation was wanted or racist or sexist; however it was a new economic tool until the idea of any segregation from the times before.

Please keep in mind, the segregation topic is not intended to offend anyone. This new economic idea was more or less similar to the segregation of different countries; in terms of each had their own personal sovereignty.

Basically the new economic ideas were composed of primarily around:

(1.) education;

(2.) employment;

(3.) health;

(4.) population; &

(5.) retirement.

The pre-flood global economy almost totally collapsed and civil unrest began to take place. The civil unrest segment can rapidly advance in weeks. Food shortages can turn into very unpleasant outcomes.

Therefore, drastic new ideas had to be attempted as it was already too late. Something positive had to be done. Even if it was one tiny positive island that was still operating, that would be the key to success; in terms of a gradual process of reaching more and more positive outcomes one day at a time.

So the first thing that was done was the economy was divided into different segments with different currencies. So if one new idea collapsed, there would still be the other new positive ideas.

The economies had to be physically segregated by physical land masses; such as mountains and very deep water.

Basically, multiple break away civilizations and economies were immediately launched.


The island of education was basically the largest orphanage in the world. The children were educated by robots and were asked daily to complete short feedback to meet the needs of the future.

The children were asked things like:

  • do you want to eat junk food; &

  • do you want to cause harm to others on the playground instead of playing nicely with the others.

The children were moved to different segments of the island of education to meet their needs. To get to the point, they were very well education on all aspects of life and finances and had to make decisions daily on how they wanted to live their lives.

Some of the children wanted to destroy their health by eating junk food and did not care if they lived to 100+ years old, so they were immediately sent to “The Island of Health”.

<<< author notes: left off here on April 12, 2020>>>


As soon as the children arrived on the island of employment...


As soon as the children arrived on the island of health the robots would explain to the children that having a poor diet would result to an extremely unpleasant outcome. Aside from the significant financial problems that would be very likely to occur, they instructed the children to focus on the positive health aspects.

The robots would show the children videos of other children not being able to walk or even talk after they continued to have a very poor diet. They explain how the pain would horrible and they would wish that they had better health.

Therefore, it was imperative for the children to be sent back to the “The Island of Education” and attend only health and nutrition classes. The robots would explain that nothing else in school would matter if they did not understand how to maintain their health at a young age.


As soon as the children arrived on the island of population...


As soon as the children arrived on the island of retirement...


In the past, many years before the islands of heaven and hell were established, everyone knew that the water rose higher than most humans could have ever imagined “in advance”.

In the year 2007, the archaeologists even found the famous “ark” that Noah and his community used to survive the previous flood. The ark was located approximately 12,999 feet or 3,999 meters above sea level near the top of Mount Ararat in Turkey. The ark had been located under snow and volcanic debris and composed of the “exact same” measurements as the ancient biblical documents described.

The “Anunnaki” launched off of “Earth” just before the flood struck. They orbited the Earth for a short duration and made observations of the best possible landing location; which respect to temperatures and soil that would be able to grow at least some crops. The water levels had lowered enough for them to land their space crafts in Baalbek, Lebanon; which was also know in the ancient religious documents as “the land of the giants”.

Baakbek, Lebanon has an average elevation of 4039 feet or 1231 meters above sea level and in some areas it is only half of the average elevation. It is located in the Beqaa Valley near the Litani River, so it was about as good as things were going to get at the time; in terms of a sustainable location for living and farming.

The weather in Baakbek, Lebanon was slightly cooler at the higher elevations and warmer at the 2039 feet or 615 meter altitudes. However, it was very similar to the weather of northern, Ohio. Therefore, it was an excellent choice for a new beginning after the flood.

Thousands of years later the Baakbek, Lebanon was still used for agriculture, in the years before the flood occurred again; such as around the year 2042 with the slow process of the waters declining from the massive ice-age that ended around the year 2111.

In the year 2020, the evil sub-humans and the positive ones both were using the land in Baakbek, Lebanon for agriculture. There was a hydroelectric dam at that time that enabled the agriculture to improve from the contained river waters. It was a wonderful place, time and time again. Over and over and over again, like a circle or the sun that would cycle around and around and around. The name was derived from the ancient times when it was called “City of the Sun”.

The evil sub-humans would still say things like “no that’s not real” and “there’s no way” or even “the christian archaeologists made it all up to get rich quick”. The truth was in fact it did not matter what religion the archaeologists were part of, because there was only one root source to all long before everything existed (one God not multiple gods). The one root source to all did create many intelligent creatures, but everything all stems back to one root source to all.

Standardized religion was a way of dividing the human creatures while they were on Earth waiting for it to flood. The truth was Earth was actually an organic or living space craft or mother-ship by definition alone as it would pass through space while orbiting the Sun.

The space craft (the planet Earth) was being destroyed by the evil sub-humans to levels were nature began to correct oneself. Earth began to die and as it slowly died the lifespans of all over Earth became shorter. The flood was the built-in safety mechanism or reset switch. There were multiple reset switches in place; such as mini or massive ice-ages, burning of the surface from a weakened upper atmosphere, pole shifts, and many more natural shifts. All natural or planetary disasters were nature correcting oneself and many were on specific repetitive cycles.

The evil sub-humans (unaware of their significant darkness) in 2012 through approximately 2042 were scoffing at the more intelligent (aware) ones of the time. The evil sub-humans would scorn, threaten, yell, or mock the intelligent aware ones.

The truth was none of them were 100% certain at the time, but the best estimate for the flood and large ice-age was from 2042 to 2111.

The sub-humans were only “below” human level simply due to the level of significant evil that possessed their entire spirits. They were covered in the deepest darkness on all of Earth. So deep, they were already in hell, long before the island of hell existed years after the flood.

Around the years of 2000 to 2042, the sub-humans would say “you can run, but you can’t hide from the micro & gamma waves” and “everyone was supposed to die”. They were very evil. Most of them did not want to live to 100+ years of age.

When the positive ones would enter the food markets they would very kindly request that the evil sub-humans would remain at least 9.99 feet or 3 meters away, only if they did not want to place their microwave or gamma ray devices in airplane mode or power them off. The fact was the devices were more deadly within 9.99 feet or 3 meters, but they were also harmful at the distance of 99.9 feet or 30.5 meters.

The evil subhumans were so evil to the positive ones for illuminated awareness to protect or defend their own right to live to 100+ years old, that they would actually keep the micro and gamma ray wave devices on while looking at them in the eyes. Some of the evil ones would start to smile while cooking the positive ones with their devices and respond with “oh I did not know that”. Some of them were so evil that would get closer to cook the positive ones more and say “well they are everywhere and everyone has them”. However, the fact was not everyone had them and they were not everywhere. They would cover their evil darkness with more lies while often smiling or yelling. Sometimes they would smile and yell.

Not all of the evil sub-humans were like that and some would simply click the one or two buttons to disable their deadly devices. Others though would make the positive ones walk away, so they would have to try another line at the market. Sometimes there was only one line available, so the positive ones would have to leave the market without being able to purchase any food to survive. It was such a horrible place before the flood struck again and others times is was very nice. However, the evil was spreading day after day after day, like an evil cycle.

What was most interesting is how the sub-humans refused to believe the ancient scrolls and stone tablets that would clearly warn the future beings of Earth that Earth itself was on a cycle; similar to how economic business cycles would operate. After so long, nature would correct oneself with a violent or abrupt shift from positive to negative and back to positive followed by negative; etc.

The most interesting aspect of all about the sub-humans was how they would say things like: “no I’m good...”, when they were not aware, and “if “Nibiru” or the death star and the god-like creatures of massive awareness or the Anunnaki or “the location of the fallen ones before they landed” were really on their way via an elliptical orbit, we would see them coming.” Nibiru was an ancient term for a “crossing” point.

However, what the sub-humans did not comprehend; in terms of awareness was the fact that a “Brown dwarf” was not visible by the human eye. Only a large telescope with an inferred lens would have the capability of illuminating the brown dwarf that is at least 9.99 times the size of Earth and up to an estimated 79.99 times larger than the plant “Jupiter”.

The “Sun” is a star that the Earth orbits and is estimated to have a surface temperature of approximately 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The planet “Mercury”, which is the planet closest to the Sun, has an estimated surface temperature that ranges from negative 280 to positive 799 degrees Fahrenheit. Since Mercury has no atmosphere, it becomes very cold at night and extremely hot by day.

So it actually made sense that the elliptical orbit of the Brown dwarf was known as Nibiru, since by definition it would cross into the orbit near Earth.

However, some brown dwarfs are estimated to be as hot as the human body…








How to make a computer very slightly safer to use for very short durations?